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September 2010

Dear Friends and Clients:

I’m having a nostalgic feeling as I sit down to write this. It’s been several years since I wrote my first September newsletter and it’s with great gratitude that I can land on the page again in a familiar sort of way although the method has changed. The way in which we now communicate (blogs, social media) is so varied and dynamic; however, one thing remains the same: the warm feeling that comes when we connect and share over life’s offerings.

Life offers many choices. I’ve chosen to keep my ideas alive by acting in faith, trusting that all will show up as it will, and often, not exactly as I planned it to be! Seldom do ideas come to fruition rapidly and if they do, the leg work is lengthy without immediate reward, but then there are the people who I surround myself with that say – “you got it, keep going.” Bless them and all those who come along at some point to test my resolve and keep me true to life’s lessons and gifts.

I invite you to read my feature article and contact me about the offerings listed in the Coach’s Corner.  As you turn the page and open another chapter of the year, may you be blessed by the abundance of life and all that it holds.

Many blessings,



Not going it alone

It’s often true that when you want something done, you have to do it yourself; however, there’s a parallel truth, when you want to create something, you have to do it with others. Okay stop with the smirk I’m not talking about making babies, although it’s true. I’m talking about making your ideas, projects, and dreams come alive.

A year ago I wrote about my neighbourhood park being revamped and how one request created a conversation that led to some major action and created something, to my absolute joy, that represents more than I imagined at the time. I wanted something better for my community, and yet I could not do that alone. It was necessary to make the request and trust that the people and resources would avail themselves to my request. Here’s the message: see the potential, take the first step, and trust that all will be done.

Since last September, I have had the most amazing experience of new people entering my life to show me the way, share something I was meant to hear, introduce me to someone or something, encouraged me when I hit my low notes, and most of all, co-created in the moment when I could not do it alone.

I now understand there are things that I must simply do myself – like being responsible for my own excuses, doing the research to show me the options, writing page after page to create my first e-book. However, I also understand that if I hadn’t requested the support for all the various things I wanted to do and be, then something inside might have died, that little spark that says – “yes, why not try, your crazy not to.” I’ve also discovered that saying “yes” also means accepting what comes my way and the lessons in it.

So if you want to create something for your life, for others, or simply a change for the better, then I highly suggest for you to consider the merits of co-creation, collaboration, sharing your ideas, and letting the universe know – it has a funny way of getting back to you – and I can guarantee it’s awesome!



A Call to Men, Women, Small Biz owners, and those who simply want to make a change for the better: In the spirit of “not going it alone” I’m offering a 30 day kick start “NO BS- LOVE” coaching program – it’s a lot like Phil and Daryl’s boot camp except it’s for your mind and soul – trust me you’ll sweat a little when I call you on your sloppy form!  And no coincidence, my co-creator/friend, Barry Spilchuk, Founder of You’re My Hero® Books and Coauthor – A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul described me as “a loving and no BS allowed Coach!” So email me now, since I have only 6 spots left for my 30 day NO BS -LOVE ” coaching program.

A Call to Women who want core strength (leaner waist line), flexibility, and a little mental relaxation after a day’s work: Pilates Class at Body Pump Inc.will start up again, Sept 13th, at 6:00 p.m. The class will run for 8 weeks with no class on the Thanksgiving Monday. I have room for 8 people and there are certainly more than 8 women reading this!  Contact me before Sept 8th with a confirming “yes” and I’ll add you to my class.
Class is 55 minutes.

Fee is $ 136 + HST – payable to Body Pump Inc.

Drop-in fee is $20 (one time only when class series is full) For total beginners I will offer an 4 weeks intro class TBA. The next series of classes will start Nov 15th.

*For those who might be interested in a weekend class on Sunday’s -midday/early afternoon please indicate your interest via email to susan@wrightmomentum.com or through facebook.

Where I’ll be in the next few months:

At my desk – researching and collaborating with national advisors in recreation programming to address health promotion, injury prevention, and nutrition for at risk populations. For more info visit: The Lifestyle information Network, PRO, and United Generations Ontario.

On the road – to York Region with my colleague Janice McNabb, Simplicity Coaching to meet leaders and ED’s in the non profit sector to propose a new model for effective collaboration. There’s some smart and nice folks north of the 401 and we want to help build stronger and more effective communities across the region. Want to learn more – send us a note.

In my favourite writing chair near a window – landing my thoughts on the page to continue writing articles, blogs, and another book. I’ve had some recent support (navigating this on-line publishing world) and also thrilled to be sharing a novelist’s upcoming book launch – stay tuned for an announcement in my blog in the coming weeks.

You also might see me – running down the belt line, playing soccer or football with my boys, or puttering in my garden – although it’s more like weeding and cutting back some serious over growth!

Look forward to your comments & hearing from you. Enjoy the last days of summer.

Susan Wright, Founder of Wright Momentum.

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  1. Jeffrey Eisen

    01. Sep, 2010


    Great newsletter. It sounds like you have lots going on in your life these days and that’s great. You seem so much more up these days. Well done and keep up the good “work”. I think the things you are doing are great for you and the world.

    Love and Light

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