Organizational Coaching & Consulting

No matter how big or small, today’s organizations have complex needs and challenges. The key to successful management of these needs and challenges is a highly creative, flexible and inspired leader and workforce.

Wright Momentum helps organizations to become leaders in creating health and prosperous workplaces by leveraging an organizations capacity to address key areas that impact the environment and culture of a workplace. Some of these areas include: leadership and management practices, work-life balance, corporate culture and social support.

How coaching works in the context of organizations and the workplace

A coaching relationship is established when a company (the sponsor) wants to improve a team’s effectiveness and performance and so sponsors a coach to work with its leaders, managers, teams and staff. A contract is established for an agreed upon period of time for the purposes negotiated between the Coach and the Sponsor. The Coach meets with each individual and team leader to identify individual and team objectives, develop coaching rapport and set forth a plan of action. Each meeting is considered completely confidential.
It is usual that the coach stays with the sponsor for a period of time so that continual on-site learning and progress takes place and the project can be evaluated against its original objectives.

Benefits of using a coach in your organization may include improvements in:

  • organizational wellness
  • team performance
  • team morale and unity
  • interpersonal relationships and teamwork
  • motivation
  • aligning the needs of the individual, the team, and the organization
  • professional development
  • organizational leadership
  • employee retention

Coaching differs from consulting in that the Coach works with the client to promote their awareness and choice of action. The information exchanged is not used to evaluate or report on performance outside of what the person being coached is requesting. The client determines the scope of the coaching work.

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Workplace Health Promotion and Wellness Coaching

What is workplace health promotion and wellness coaching? Workplace health promotion is a system that protects and enhances the health of employees and engages the organization in an effort to care for the wellbeing of their employees. Wellness coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach that will take leadership, management or teams through a process of awareness, strategy and action in an aim to create a healthy workplace and a culture that builds respect, trust and success.

There are a multitude of comprehensive workplace health promotion models and services, within this field, Wright Momentum works specifically within the context of organization change and culture.

The organizational environment of a workplace has a major impact on employee health and productivity and is influenced by several factors; leadership, management practices, social support, work-life balance, corporate culture and perceptions. Through Wright Momentum’s Program and various other strategies and activities, an organization can effectively move toward a healthier and well workplace.

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