Facilitative Coaching

Improving group and team conversations to create innovative thinking and solutions

There is a power in groups. Groups can accomplish what individuals cannot alone. A problem arises, however, when the group process breaks down causing the group to become ineffective. Not only does the group start to fail to get effective results, time and resources are wasted as the group flounders.

Wright Momentum’s facilitation process applies coaching and design thinking methods to a group setting to help the group define the problem, think differently, communicate more effectively, and obtain innovative and performance outcomes. In essence, the group is the client of the facilitator and not any individual in the group.

By letting a third party facilitate your meeting’s agenda, all group members can freely participate in the discussion.

Wright Momentum:

  • can help guide the group process towards effective results
  • increase group participation and engagement by creating a safe environment for all to participate
  • make sure all views are aired and understood

The result of our approach is the empowerment of the group to:

  • generate possibilities
  • create agreement for targeted outcomes
  • create a spirit of possibility and collaboration
  • align on key opportunities, ideas, and actions

And, as we work with your group or team, they will be able to experience an effective group coaching process in action and be able to draw on the experience in future meetings when an outside facilitator is not involved.

Facilitative Coaching Information