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March 2010

Dear Friends and Clients:

We are still in the first quarter of the year; and yet, I’m aware how quickly the next few weeks will go by. The reality of this awareness suggests it’s time to act, take on every ambition that was set out in January. Despite any resistance I continue to move toward my vision and embrace every challenge that comes with it, I hope you do the same. As I write this, I wonder what every successful person or business had to endure before declaring “YES, I have arrived” and did so with great integrity and awareness. I also wonder what your view is of the journey versus the destination. Being on the journey can encompass many things, often managing the ups and downs along the way. The destination can be elusive at times and yet motivating, nonetheless.  Where are you now? This might be the first question to ask yourself.  As we move closer to spring, I invite you to take stock, check in with the ways you are moving forward, and determine what fires you up and ignites your ambition.

With the passing of the Winter Olympics, we can draw from the example of all the athletes; training consistently to perform and competing at their best and igniting the spirit of humanity. I invite you to read my article below and see what’s coming up for spring in the Coach’s Corner.

In endurance and spirit,



Shedding layers to unearth our gifts

When I read something I wrote a few months ago,  it often amazes me to find it relative to the present moment, it’s almost as if I predicted it. Well I suppose I did and it really shouldn’t amaze me, as I’m the one charting my course, and life will demonstrate that synchronicity exists when we are aligned and intentional.  As each of us are creating a story that is captured in the now; knowing where you are now is good, but I think it’s progressively necessary to ask:  is your charted course taking you in the right direction? I was engaged by a similar comment posted on Facebook today, and more or less asked this question.

So as we shed our layers with the arrival of change, it’s wise to consider where our gifts might be most freely expressed, cultivated, and transformed.  It would be so simple if we knew the geography or the climate in which we would thrive the best; however, that’s not necessarily the case. For some, it is obvious and simple, for others, it’s a matter of showcasing your talents as opportunities present themselves right now. This is about jumping in, taking part, stepping up, and clearly, opening doors. What we hopefully discover is where we feel most alive, inspired, challenged, and worthy of our time and contribution.

It is also equally important to project “where” you want to chart your course. What are those places, organizations, communities, industries that can potentially attract the people and opportunities with which to share your gifts. At minimum, you can build a strategy to connect to the right network of people who may minimize the obstacles or show you some of the ways to navigate more directly.

As we shed our layers and begin to lay down a chart or plan, it’s essential to be courageous, observant, willing, and focused. Everyday we have an opportunity to build our capacity to change and chart a course that is exciting and satisfying.

Go boldly forward.


COACH’S CORNER – what’s around the corner for spring!

This coming Friday and Saturday I will be attending Amazing Woman’s Day and taking part as one of the feminine leaders. I encourage each woman subscribing to my newsletter, to visit the Amazing Woman’s Day website to learn about the roots of this movement and the woman behind it, Marsh Engle.

My husband Phil and business partner Daryl Devonish, at Body Pump Inc. have a new website. I am proud to be part of a great studio and among the best personal trainers in Toronto. You’ll find me instructing Pilates on Mondays at 6:00 p.m. (Intermediate class) and Fridays 12:00 noon (Beginner). Be sure to sign up for classes or start with some introductory private sessions. New series begins in March & April – remember, no excuses!

Ebook: Seven Steps To Change the Status Quo for Your Life and Business – I now have all 7 steps posted on my website and invite you to read a step each week and post questions on my Facebook fan page (Wright Momentum) or simply email me. We all have the power to change and live a life that has meaning and harmony. This is a free resource with questions to get you out of your comfort zone and into one that starts creating the change and action you desire.

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