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December 2009

Dear Friends and Clients:

In the early hours of the morning, my four-and-a-half-year-old son climbed into my bed and whispered quietly that he hopes Santa brings him a Batman car. I was both delighted and surprised by his excitement. As for all the previous years, Christmas was an event that he struggled to pronounce and merely observed as something we sing about and a time we put lights on our houses. Yet, this year he has asked me many questions: Where do Santa’s reindeer live? How do they fly? Where does Santa live?

It’s not so much that he’s interested in gifts and Santa that enchants me; rather, that he is curious and enamored by a story that weaves across many centuries and countries. It carries a myth that, to some, is not worthy to entertain or give any credence to; however, I will offer another perspective: one that embraces a story of hope and magic. In the reality of life’s challenges and often cruel realities, the story of gift giving around the globe is something we can all cherish.

At this time of year, no matter what our circumstances, beliefs, or culture we can all engage in the story of giving and receiving. Often it’s a simple gesture of kindness, a thank you, a declaration of peace, and a time to connect with what has meaning for us.  I’m grateful that such a story exists and that I can see my child delight in the magic of unlimited possibility and the subtle awareness that Santa exists, not just for him but for all the children of the world.  It’s not necessary to get caught up in the commercialism of the season, but rather discover a way to listen, give, and share in the richness of story and hope.

I thank each and every one of you for staying connected over the years, reading my blog posts, and giving me this opportunity to share my stories with you. I invite you to read my article below and see what’s new for 2010 in the Coach’s Corner.

Wishing you peace, hope, and joy over the holiday season,



A year of becoming

In my September newsletter I wrote about the necessity for life or business to slow down so we can take care and see the change that needs to happen.  I began 2009 with a feeling of abundance and yet for so long it felt quite the opposite. Personally, business slowed down and yet life just kept moving around me. I didn’t quite understand what was happening and yet I was conscious that I needed to re-evaluate my direction and rediscover my passion. This takes time, and certainly the demands of life didn’t stop! What evolved was a greater awareness of my gifts and how I might share these in the world.

Considering the length of the year, I’ve really just started and possibly 2010 is my year of abundance. You see, I’ve only been writing my blog posts for three months, I’ve only just started to engage with some new people and networks in the past few months. I hibernated in winter, planted some seeds in the spring and observed my gifts developing in the fall. Every season brought another change, whether that was my physical, mental, or spiritual state.

I spent the first six months of the year strengthening my physical body so I could get back to running and moving freely. In a motionless state I was rehabilitating my mind and spirit to find what I was yearning to be and do.  It was the second half of 2009 that I really found my groove and started to share my gifts. It came with some trepidation; and yet, I knew I was positioned to embrace an aspect of myself that I only toyed with previously.

Now I’m taking that a step further and producing a booklet to be shared for New Year’s, my gift to you and those who are ready to change the status quo for their life and business in 2010. This is just the beginning I know and I’m humbly learning to write better and becoming less concerned about what people think. Okay, I secretly do care – and care a lot – but I’m more concerned with bringing value than what my ego is saying.

I recently had a conversation with a very successful woman and she surprised me, being some years older, when she declared “she’s still becoming.”  That’s when I realized, we are all on a journey of becoming and it’s what we do now that creates the story of our lives.  It helped me realize that we share what we have in the present and we can move steadily toward our future with trust and the capacity for conscious change.


COACH’S CORNER – what’s new for 2010!

I’ll be speaking at the Virtual Success Expo January 28 – Feb 4th, 2010. Join this free online series of seminars featuring successful experts from around the globe.

Get back in shape after the holidays at Body Pump Inc. My Pilates class will resume Friday, January 8th (beginner class) at 12:00 noon and Monday, January 11th at 6:00 p.m. Sign up for a variety of classes in the new year.

Teleseminar Series: Change the Status Quo for Your Life and Business – In addition to my new resource booklet, I’ll be hosting live seminars to usher in the changes you wish to make for 2010.  Dates and details will be posted in the new year.


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