The birthday hangover – take action

Posted on 10. Sep, 2010 by in Life Coaching

Yesterday I turned a page and started another chapter in my life, so why don’t I feel like I’ve started yet? I would rather linger in the retrospective, eat cake, and dream about my dreams – oh, that’s where I’m caught. I’m stuck in the dreaming, the playing with ideas and the fun that comes with all of that. It’s a wonderful time, until the next day, you’re at your desk, flooded with emails, and any other numbing routine task when you might feel that dull ache and let down of a good party. The buzz must turn into action. The dream or vision requires legs to walk.

It takes a long time to grow young.Do you get caught up in the dream, or the contrary, the day in, day-out with no space in between to take action of what’s really got you lit up? To be true to the descriptors of my coaching style: playful, loving, and no BS allowed, I declare today: I am walking my talk and finding the space in between to take action on my goals that move me toward “great work” and living a fulfilling lifestyle.

In my last feature article, I mention that we are not necessarily meant to “go it alone.” Often our dreams come alive by taking action, often through our experiences of co-creating with others, taking responsibility, and just doing it. There’s a reason Nike has one of the best tag lines in the world – Just Do It – it’s a statement of action. Results speak for themselves. That’s why I created a coaching program that combines the idea of “not going it alone” and “just do it.” It’s a call to YOU – the one with awesome ideas, goals, and vision – and it requires a no BS, loving, and playful approach to move into action and celebrate every day as if it’s your birthday – NEW, CELEBRATORY, VITAL – full of life.

So I’ve started by sharing these actions: I wrote this post for you, I’ve invited you to play with me, I’m choosing to invest in “great work” 50% of my time, to learn, to make mistakes, and to indulge in cake – oops did I say that? – that’s okay, join me at my next Pilates class to counter any added calories! The best part – there’s no hangover in any of this!

This September, turn another page, open a new chapter, whatever it is, simply take the next step and do something that lights a fire under your butt – otherwise, something or someone will inevitably come along and do it for you – and not necessarily for your purpose! So do something that serves you and in turn you are serving the world – believe in your gifts, they were given to you the day you arrived.

Let the party begin!


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