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Posted on 20. Oct, 2011 by in Life Coaching

In my last post, I wrote about creating the change you want to see. Coincidentally this past week, I was given opportunities to learn more about this myself, and so please allow me to indulge. I don’t know about you, but often I find it challenging to visualize or know what that change is or ought to be. So rather than getting hung up on “identifying, defining, or fixating on the change” I was reminded of the power of choice.

In any given moment, I can choose who I am being, what I want, and so forth. It’s a rather conscious act, if you will, but I’m learning by default that it’s essential. I find it uncanny that I for one need to revisit this in my personal life, as the premise of my work with others is based on recognition of personal choice, potentiality, and capacity.  However, every teacher needs to learn his or her own lessons!

30.3 _ choose love? [EXPLORED]Choice is so powerful and stepping into that momentarily can give way to so much more abundance and creativity. It takes the load off, gets us out of our own way, and positions our mindset for the outcomes we really want to see or experience.

How often do  you stop to think, or consider what you are creating? If and when you do, ask yourself this: What is it that I’m creating? Are you creating more of what you don’t want? If that’s the case, than engaging in a moment of choice and creating more possibility of what can be, is a refreshing start.

Often in the void of not having or seeing, we are left feeling fearful or uncertain. This only attracts more of the same. However, by our human capacity for choice we have a unique and beautiful advantage to change our experience. We can attract more of what we want and that my friends, is totally empowering!

Tune into your personal dial of choice today and see what beauty unfolds.


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