Between now and then

Posted on 30. Sep, 2011 by in Life Coaching

What are you doing now to create the change you want to see? My neighbour was busy a few afternoons in early September digging up weeds and just two weeks ago laid new soil and grass seed. Well, the combination of hard work, hot sunny days, and rainy nights have given rise to a spring-like green covering. The change is visible and possibly sustainable with some nurturing care. If anyone has seen the weedy patch in my backyard, you know, I’m green with envy!

My point is fairly clear – neglect and not doing anything will yield the same result; however, planting some seeds will most certainly bring some change – maybe not immediately, but surely in time. I’ve read some interesting blogs and articles on conscious capitalism and human potential today, and certainly if we continue doing, being, and behaving in the same old way, how can we possibly create better lives and systems?

For many of my faithful readers, you might notice how I move between personal (singular) examples to those that are more complex, involving more people and challenges. In my opinion, whatever is happening in a micro way, is often reflected universally, or at a macro level. For example, folks around me keep sensing a “shift” or “change” is happening, they might say, “I’m feeling unsettled,”  and confirmation comes from what they’re seeing “out there” or reading in the news. Another example I noted just the other night, was a series of comments on facebook about the difference in expectations between Gen X’ers, Y’s and baby boomers regarding success. My point is, whatever change, attitude, or behaviour that is occurring at an individual level is often related and connected to bigger challenges we see in our lives, businesses, organizations, and world.

So between now and then, before you or I try to change the world, we might just want to begin within our little microcosm. That just seems a whole lot more manageable! Often when I work with people and organizations I notice that positive change and success come from an individual becoming aware and taking small steps of responsibility and action to create the change they want to see. I suppose it’s like the ripple effect – we don’t know when or how it might impact a larger group or system, but at least one can take heed that something is happening on a level in which they can see or possibly experience the benefits and results.

So while I watch my neighbour’s grass grow, I’m reminded how important and necessary it is to do the work, be in action, and take care of myself in the process.  Success doesn’t happen over night, so between now and then, I might make some mistakes, try a new approach, plant a few seeds, and consciously stay present. Creating the change you want to see, is consciously being in the now while moving forward to “then.”

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