Consciously frustrated – the perks of having it all.

Posted on 09. Feb, 2010 by in Life Coaching

I was on a roll, gaining momentum, and doing the things necessary to create the connections and leads for future opportunities, and then, there it was, my bag dropped at the front door as stagnant and urgent as my life can sometimes be. It sits there, untouched as family life took over minutes of walking in the door.

In the hour(s) that proceeded, I became consciously frustrated as a woman of ambitious nature and nurturing role. I am blessed to have children, I am privileged to have this responsibility, I am also hungry to be out in the world contributing what I can and desire. A client recently asked, is it possible to be at the top of your game (in career) and have a life? The super woman says “yes!” and yet my head says “say yes, but.” Tonight as I sit in total awareness of my situation, consciously acquainted with my emotions, I know the road of persistence is long and being idle at the wheel is not progressive.

So I took action and wrote this piece, recognizing the energy in my experience and the full awareness of the path I could take – playing the victim. Only then to discover that what I wrote about last week was being illustrated and my point about consciousness was echoed. I needed to guide myself with care, discernment, and full regard.

Although I write from a perspective of a working mother, I don’t believe our relationship status, gender, or any other factors deny that life and work are not in perfect balance – work is part of life as life is a part of work. The aim may possibly be for the two to co-exist in harmony or at very best, integrate in such a way that each enhances the other. When they don’t harmonize, and even when they do, it is still up to us to be conscious. Discernment, care, regard, all have an impact on choice and the decisions made at the time. We live in the context of our lives, not artificially segregated by hours, location, and such so called boundaries. I suppose this requires a great deal of flexibility – individually and collectively we can all improve upon.

This experience taught me once again, the power of choice. Admittedly, I had a mini melt down as I thought of all my eager “to do’s” and momentarily went to that place of woe. Then I gently reminded myself, I have a full life and I want it all, so it’s very likely I’ll come up against idle moments, urgent demands, and fulfilling options and opportunities.

Looking at my bag still parked at the front door, I realize that I do have the power of choice and responsibility. I can take care of those who need me, I can discern, and I can regard my emotions with full acknowledgment that being conscious will only direct me in a more powerful and positive way. As for the question about being on top of your game (in career) and having a life, the real me says, it’s not easy but it’s totally worth it! and besides, when did it start making sense that we see then as mutually exclusive?

Life in motion, only stagnant if you let it.


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