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Posted on 09. Oct, 2009 by in Life Coaching

It’s easy to just keep on going when you have momentum, yet what if the momentum you find yourself in does not serve your purpose, goals and the truth about who you are and what you want? I call it the treadmill, the ever consuming need to stay in motion because if you sit still for too long, all the things you avoid or don’t wish to bother with, surface.

You can achieve momentum again, once you discover what it is that feels honest, purposeful and in alignment with your goals. This is true for both business and the individual.  No leader can steer a group or organization to success without first getting clear and assuming a position of clarity and power. The same is true for an individual who is in a state of flux or getting ready to make a change (personally or professionally).

To “assume a position of clarity” (step 2) it’s necessary to stop spinning and take a deep breath (step 1).  Once you are off the treadmill even momentarily, you can begin to notice your environment, thoughts and misguided actions.  Have you ever worked for a boss that seems to constantly be in motion but not really listening, outlining expectations or communicating the plan? This can be incredibly disabling and generate a lot of wasted time and energy.  Now look at yourself, are you being that boss? Your life is your business. It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself, your course of action and live up to your greatest purpose.  Your purpose does not have to be the ultimate destination, it’s just needs to crystallize and come forward in healthy momentum.  It’s about aligning with your values, what has meaning, what makes sense.

Once you stop spinning or stop momentum, you begin to embrace your reality. It may not be all that fun- stuff comes to the surface! This is the point in life coaching that people just wanna start running again! Yup, a reality check can be a bit unnerving and unsettling. Yet, it’s so powerful because you start to see where you are in your process, you start to notice what you are doing, saying and the choices you have made.  It’s at this very point of acceptance (of where you are in the journey/process – step 3) that it is helpful to assume a position, inspire the fullness of who you are and trust that clear and guided movement will once again resume.

Consider this for example,  when I go for a run or participate in a triathlon, I’m face to face with my current condition and intimate reality. I inspire frequently to maintain a relaxed ease at which by body can adapt. In a position of strength and ease, I can choose to speed up and gain further momentum,  because I’ve trained, I know my direction, I know what speed is sustainable and  I know what my goal is.  In the transition zone, it’s easier for me to re-equip myself with what I need and then bolt into action.

Participating in challenging physical activity parallels the transitions in life and business.  Getting clear on what you want and how to communicate it, starts with inspiration, assuming a position and aligning with your purpose.  If the plan is just to finish a race then you can stay in momentum, find a course of least resistance and finish.  However, if the plan is to meet a desired goal or experience success, then you can afford to stop briefly, notice the obstacles, navigate through the challenges and power into full momentum.

Being strategic comes once you recognize your strengths, areas of development and of course trusting that you have all the power to move forward in a way that has clarity, meaning and purpose.

Discover your position of clarity and move forward!


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