What’s your position of influence?

Posted on 08. Apr, 2011 by in Conscious Leadership, Life Coaching, Personal and Professional Development

We find ourselves in increasingly complex and chaotic times, and I have no doubt this is all part of our evolutionary path. The presence of global issues are like moving story boards, playing out daily; and yet, I find myself passively viewing and at the same time consciously desiring to make a difference. This can be unsettling and provoking at the same time, and begs the question, so what can I do?

Increasing complexity drives a need for further connectivity and collaboration.  The world-wide web is a beautiful example of all three converging. Challenges are rallied around through a network of people and often innovative ideas are conceived in this process. There’s a dynamic interplay and many spin-offs in the process, only to bring forth more connectivity and collaborations.

Ever feel like a little fish in a big pond? I do. When I ask, what can I do? I feel a tad bit overwhelmed. So being a little fish, I might first want to find out who I can swim with, and also a wise time to consider: what is my sphere of influence? Knowing this, can place global complexities and those of business, community and life, into perspective. It’s a container for where we can begin to entertain some choices, options, and plausible action. It supports a balance of being consciously aware, and also, effective in making change.

sphere of influenceWhen you think about your sphere of influence – what comes up? Who are the people, organizations, and communities in which you live, work and serve? Your sphere of influence can start in your own backyard. What about your family, the park across the street, your neighbour, or the garden?

I listened to a seminar last night, when Terry Patten referred to the cliché, “think globally, act locally” and further went on to say “get into action from our hearts…where we can feel love is powering our activity.” That really landed for me in a practical and truthful way. I think we struggle with the information we have access to and yet find it so overwhelming to bring ourselves forward in practical and effective ways. I also believe this is the key to success: learning and understanding your position of influence. This applies in everyday life, and through all stages of one’s career, business, and various roles or functions within an organization and community.

Given my work is to support people both personally and professionally, it seems to be a critical question to ask and one that may need some reflection upon.  Not everyone is driven to “influence” but often it’s less overt, we have influence in more ways that we realize. Our intentions, words, and actions have a ripple effect, we just may not see the results.  This parallels the notion of social and environmental responsibility and how we all play a role, whether it’s in our own backyard or broader in scope. My children have a position of influence, I have one, and you have one too!

I believe once we get a sense of this, we can start to understand how each of us have an impact on complex issues – it’s takes more than one, it takes a really conscious endeavour of many, to shift the balance and create change. We’ve witnessed this recently, in Egypt, and we will continue to see more examples in our time. Just for today: listen to your heart, recognize your sphere of influence, and position yourself to influence change!

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