What 10 minutes can do…

Posted on 20. Jan, 2011 by in Life Coaching

BUSY week! Husband in hospital (non life threatening, but rather the gift to walk pain free again), meetings, clients, and my son’s birthday. Yup I was up icing cup cakes at midnight after presenting at a meeting and updating our friends and family on my hubby’s status. Never a dull moment for a working mother and that is why this morning it was essential to sit quietly in meditation for ten minutes. The sun was resting a quarter-way up in the sky and there was a peacefulness that reminded of the morning my three year old was born. It was a crisp, cold morning, dawning out of a rather energetic and busy time.

Morning SpiritIn the stillness of those ten minutes, my mind floated from thought to thought with a conscious reminder to return to breathing, “om” and the vessel that carries this life of mine. The vessel was in need of attention and the result: my staying up to late headache went away. With the flu bug going around and the demands ahead, it’s only logical to do some self-care. Yet, I know many of us surpass it (self-care) only to wind up, pent up, and run down. Hey I know this pattern. But my body wisdom knew better this time and instructed me to sit. Those ten minutes passed quickly but brought a certain evenness to my existence.

So what can 10 minutes do: 

  • calm
  • connect
  • centre
  • cleanse
  • renew

10 minutes over 7 days = 70 minutes of peaceful existence -never mind the psychological and biological benefits, which there are many.

So here’s what you can start today – take up the practice of 10 minutes – no iTunes, no phone, no connectivity other than to yourself and the energy of existence.

Let me know how it goes and what 10 minutes can do.

Feeling even,

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  1. Simone

    20. Jan, 2011

    Yep – did a body flow class today and skipped meditation so I could do a quick run to the bank on the way back to the office and was thinking to myself – is it worth it? Thinking of you this week – hope Phil is now well on the path to healing and being pain-free.

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