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December 2010

Dear Friends and Clients:

Yesterday our first Christmas card arrived in the mail along with a few flecks of snow. I felt inspired by the energy of the holiday season and the various activities underway. After a focused morning of work, I took a break to read Choice magazine and was drawn to an article about planning for success. With the year coming to a close, I felt an urge to look forward to refine and build upon my goals of 2010. This exercise took a mere 20 minutes and naturally I left the more thoughtful piece for another day – that is, getting clear on all the steps to implement and successfully meet my goals. No doubt that’s the work but also what helps to reap the rewards, both in satisfaction and motivation. As we shift our focus to a season of giving and sharing, I might just add that it’s valuable to invest some time reflecting on what brought satisfaction to you this year both personally and professionally and creating a new or modified road map for 2011.

For those who have taken the time to read my blog posts this year, I’m truly grateful. It gives me such satisfaction to know I’ve somehow resonated with your thoughts and hearts or even struck a chord. In this post, I’ll offer a feature article and a few tips on how to be present among the fast pace of life and the whirl of holiday activity, plus an announcement about a book launch. A few weeks from now you’ll receive a notice from me, inviting you to be on my newsletter subscription. I’m changing a few ways in which I reach out and also working diligently to get all those processes in place. And yes, as always a little learning along the way.

Have a blessed holiday season,


Feature Article

Riding the wave

Gosh, I imagine surfing on a wicked wave off the coast of California or better yet my most favourite place, Long Beach, Tofino. Just imagine the rush, the fear, and the resulting awesome feeling you have riding the wave. Well, this year has felt a bit like that. Although many times I wasn’t riding the wave, I was complaining about the low tides, afraid of the rolling waves, and wondering just when I might find a sense of balance long enough to stay up. Anyone relate?

We are not separate and so distinct, as more than a few folks I know have had this kind of year and let’s not just stop at ourselves, what about this planet and our global connection? There’s a real shift happening as old paradigms come tumbling down and new ones emerge. There’s a collective sense that balance has gone by the wayside for a polarity in thought and actions and Mother Nature is trembling mad.

Ah but, there is hope and for sure I feel it. There are so many people taking on major initiatives to make our lives and our stay on this planet a little less threatening and a whole lot better. We might not see it on a day to day basis and no thanks to media we don’t necessarily hear the things that build a sense of hope and well-being. For some odd reason we linger in fear and suppose it’s part of our genetic make up. I’ve never had to fight off a saber-toothed tiger, but some days it’s still there just in another form. A lot of our issues today are beyond our immediate control and influence and when we hear about them over and over – it’s just a matter of time before we start living like the saber-toothed tiger is just around the corner. So what’s the antidote to our fears?

Love, love, love …

and learning to ride the wave.

Our physical body is made up primarily of water and our cells are filled with infinite energy. Now take that in for a moment and then you start to see how moving through whatever comes our way is more natural than placing a container around our stuff and holding on to it. What happens when we do? We get stuck, rigid in our ways, and thrown off balance. Our energy gets zapped and we stop shining so brightly.

Essentially, love and riding the wave brings an openness, a consciousness that we’re not alone and a steady sense of who we are. This topic is dissected in so many ways, but it’s simply when we really let go and surrender to the moment of the big wave, we discover it’s just there to teach us something and further us along our path. A little compassion in our ways and flow can bring about a whole new level of consciousness that takes us out of the grip of fear and into the one of wholeness, connection and yes, love!

So I know this might not solve all of today’s problems, but what choice do we have? To think we exist as separate is so misleading and misdirected. Energy gets wasted on guilt, fear, and anger. Life is threatened and essentially we are lost. We live on a place called earth, it’s our place, it’s our time to be here. Should we not honour it’s gifts and offerings and take accountability for our own actions within it and between us?

Our daily lives are like a microcosm of the world’s issues and it’s only through creating healthy relationships with each other and the planet that we can survive. So next time you look out at the rolling waves and think, that’s impossible to ride – just get out there, swim and accept the power of that wave and know you’ll discover that moment when you can stand up and appreciate the beauty of the ride.

I think I have a whole new appreciation of a surfer and I best get out there and learn how to ride the wave.

Be awake and life will light up around you in ways you might never have known.


Coach’s Corner

Tips on how to be present and ride the wave:

  • Breathe – that’s an easy one.
  • When one door closes it simply means another is waiting to be opened – keep moving.
  • Accept (no further comment needed).
  • Say “yes” even when it sucks.
  • Take care of yourself first and everyone will be grateful ( just ask my family).
  • Go out in nature – magic happens there.
  • Don’t get lost in yesterdays…old beliefs really hold you back. Allow yourself to see in the present.
  • Have a mentor, coach and friend – we are here to teach each other.
  • Do a daily practice that creates a sense of calm, mindfulness, and peace.
  • Be you – there’s no one else quite like you!
  • Be with whatever it is – don’t try to control it – let it move you and you’ll master the skill of adaptation and flexibility.
  • Be compassionate with self.

Book Launch and Special Offer:

There’s a new book out that is a game-changer for entrepreneurial-minded women. Check your email December 8th when I announce Britt Santowski’s new book – you’ll receive a bonus gift from me when you purpose this book:

This new book, The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman, sets out to reposition entrepreneur-minded women within you. It will move you from fear to freedom, from paralysis to potential, from hostility to harmony, from stagnation to action, and from shame and blame to power and mobility

And here’s the most beautiful thing. It’s all based on the premise that you already have everything you need. Your genius, your connections, your experience, your drive. And the added bonus? You won’t EVER need to pay some outlandish guru an astronomical fee.
This book will help you reach inside of yourself. It will let you discover the power of your full potential, and move you towards the realization that you can, indeed, make it work. Whatever “it” is for you.

Peak inside the book — but don’t buy just yet! Stay tuned for the December 8th launch, where you can receive an additional $5,000 worth of entrepreneurial bonus gifts hand-picked just for you.


Happy Holidays – Be Well!

Susan Wright

Wright Momentum


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