Unlocking the potential within each challenge

Posted on 16. Aug, 2016 by in Change management, Conscious Leadership, Life Coaching, Organizational Wellness & Work-Life

Over the past five days I’ve taken up two challenges that require disciplined action. The first being, the 22 Day Push Up Challenge, and the second, a 40 day meditation practice in addition to my regular daily meditation.  Both are inspiring, satisfying and challenging in their own right.  Challenges come our way in every form; mental, spiritual, physical and social, often in many aspects of work, leadership and life. The key to unlocking the potential within each challenge, is embracing a structure that not only supports you but also, builds an inner discipline of growth and resilience.

Structure becomes important with any challenge or change as it provides support when we feel uncomfortable, unsafe or unprepared.  Some find structure in a set day or time, a sequence of steps, a methodology or approach.  Others find structure through participation in a group or team.  Many find structure through curated or facilitated meetings, experiences and environments. The point is, no matter what, finding a structure that supports you is often essential before disciplined action taUnlock potentialkes hold.

A challenge can be the catalyst for new growth and learning but it can also be rejected and ignored with varying degrees of fear, dread and pain.  A first thought or reaction might be to avoid it and as we know, what we avoid persists! So best to discover an approach that can gently move you toward the challenge; supporting you to explore, discover and understand the learning within it.  As you embrace the challenge,  a steady course of action begins with emerging themes of possibility and positivity.

Whatever structure you lean into or is created for you, allow the freedom within this, to do its’ job.  Imagine for a moment, being in a meeting when the elephant in the room isn’t being addressed and no one is there to create a safe space to do so. What happens? You and everyone else holds back, resists and eventually withdraws. Without  transparent guidelines or boundaries there is no energy or trust. These “structures” are important in enabling trust, creativity and change.  Structure invokes freedom.

The discipline of doing something everyday, like 22 push-ups, mediation, or talking with your team, builds connections in all aspects: physical, mental, spiritual and social.  Disciplined action builds confidence and stronger connections that spark new learning, growth and resilience. Through the use of structure:  guided instruction, facilitation, curated experiences, models, networks; to suggest a few, you can be inspired, motivated and engaged.

I challenge you to unlock potential everyday! Explore, think differently and engage others in your life, leadership and business.

What structures help you unlock potential? 

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