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Posted on 10. Jun, 2010 by in Life Coaching

Funny how my brand new washing machine’s power won’t turn on – a brilliant metaphor for my life right now. The circuitry is fine, but the connection is not there, apparently the machine needs “new parts” – I hope that’s not the case for me! We are requesting a new machine and this parallels my creating a new life, letting go of the old stories (parts) and self-limiting beliefs.  Wouldn’t it be so easy to show up shiny and new, simply press a switch that generated all the power of a fully efficient machine? Well my friends, I hear it’s simple…I’m just needing to make a few calls in the meantime.

The calls I make often get heard by those who are here to help me, help us. I also believe those calls are being heard by those who have something to learn from me as well. It’s so very cool that when I entered the coaching profession I learned in theory about co-creation and then noticed that’s my natural gig anyway – and I will say that’s true for all of us. We are co-creating everyday, whether we realize it or not. The best part for me; it allows me to reconnect, discover something to release, to give, and to receive. These “calls” or experiences are simply keys that allow me to turn the power on, ignite the essence of myself that is really me, and generate movement.

I have been so focused on the mounting piles of laundry, the work ahead, and the disruption that I’ve forgotten to focus on what I want – a highly effective, powerful, and happy me. So I need to make a request and state what I want! No being nice about it, no pretending it’s okay, it’s not. I don’t accept that my power is not on. I’d rather run full tilt and spin gleefully than sit like a mound of wrinkled and dirty clothes on the floor.

So today I’m making more calls, but specifically “I’m the one that calls the “I” into being” as I learned last night from Gordon Allen, Founder of the Aletheia Group. I have the capacity to create and come newly into the world in each moment. There’s something so invigorating and simple about that; like putting on freshly laundered clothes!

If you ever ask yourself: Why am I not moving? Why do I feel like I’m fumbling in the dark? Why isn’t “it” working? Take note: Let go and be. As my fellow coach and friend, Jeffrey Eisen, shared with me today, “Know the moment, and make it perfect. And trust that despite the chaos and noise all is in absolute harmony.” (Patricia Cori, Transition Now, 2010)

For this moment, I choose to show up shiny and new, while making a few calls to change my story with those who are here to do the same.

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