The power of relationship and networks

Posted on 11. Nov, 2009 by in Life Coaching

Today I had two constructive conversations; one which connected me to the early days of my business and the other which reminded me of all the people and networks I have engaged with over several years. One conversation was with someone I’ve known for years, while the other with someone I met three days ago. Yet, interestingly, both conversations led me to recognize the same thing: that is the power of our relationships and networks.

The power is there and has always been there, but possibly lying untapped. Sometimes it’s a matter of taking initiative to connect, or it’s someone taking an interest in you; often, it’s about showing up and asking for what you want or need. This can be scary stuff. Why? Well, there are many reasons: beliefs about asking for help, revealing our challenges, feeling dumb that we can’t do it ourselves, not knowing what we need, getting more ideas than we can handle, not being sure of who to connect with, and so on.

If you were to start tapping into your own network what possibilities will it hold? For starters, a conversation that generates options, ideas, and leads may get you unstuck and moving; a conversation that aids in your reflection; and reminds you of things you let get off track; or a conversation that brings about clarity and action.

The essence of this network is relationship and each will take on its own unique characteristics. One relationship may serve to challenge your thinking, your methods, your approach; whereas, another, will serve to nurture your brainchild or creative muse. Some relationships will be short term and strategic, one may act as a broker, one may serve as a lead. Some will be longer term, based on the development of yourself, your life, career, or business. Some will fail, some will grow, and the ones that do fail will often reveal something just as valuable.

There is an evolving trust that takes place in networked relationships, and if we are lucky and open, a few start out as if the trust was already there. These few are often based on a natural, genuine, and enthusiastic regard that occurs immediately. In other words, a strong connection is made. It is my experience that these relationships last even when time and connection has lapsed.

I consider a networked relationship slightly different from the immediate stranger to stranger connection.  A stranger can often present you with a strong and immediate connection. The introduction may be a different experience and one that will be expressed and manifested in its own unique way. Simply each meeting, will bring about its own process and the possibility to empower us further along our path.

I feel a great sense of gratitude as many of my connections (familiar and new) have stepped forward to support me whether I asked or not. The power of collaboration, conversation, and relationship goes far beyond the present moment. We never quite know when we will need the support or help, but when we do, it’s far less lonely knowing we are among a network of good people.

With the power of people and the power of technology there is no reason to leave your network untapped. Set aside the fears or reasons that diminish your capacity to build relationships or simply network. There are any number of ways in which you can create and build your network; but the point is, you are at the centre of your network and there is power in that. Now, start looking around and see who can magnify that power.

In gratitude,


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2 Responses to “The power of relationship and networks”

  1. Michael

    11. Nov, 2009

    I never cease being amazed by the power of relationships. A buddy of mine is a code genius and he’s helped me out many times with various scripts, he’s even done a lot of custom work for free. This week he’s released his first product and in the past 24 hours, I’ve helped him sell four of them just by talking to people I know. Had either one of us been selfish with our time, the other would never have benefited.

    Thanks for a great reminder!

  2. Susan Wright

    11. Nov, 2009

    Love hearing about your real example about the power of collaboration and support among small business owners and the key message here, be generous with our time.

    BTW, what’s the product maybe it’s something my network can benefit from?

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