Once in a blue moon

Posted on 31. Dec, 2009 by in Life Coaching

What will happen once in blue moon? It’s rather intriguing that we may be able to answer this on the dawn of 2010.  The possibilities are endless: a new baby will be born, a first kiss, a moonlit walk, momentary peace between fighting troops, a shooting star, an unexpected phone call, a proposal…

According to a report, a blue moon has not occurred on New Year’s Eve since 1990. You may want to think back to that time and ask yourself: where was I, what was I doing and who was I becoming? For me it was a great time of change, I was entering my first year of university and graduating from high school.  Wow – so much has become since then. I believe 2010 will also be a great time of change, not only for myself but for many of us.

The bird and the moon III wonder if I will capture the same spirit I held in that pivotal year? My sense is yes as I write this blog post. The reason – I’m leaving something that was familiar for so long and entering a new way of learning, developing and networking. Similar to my entrance into a new community at University, I’m now discovering another new community online and out in the world. Interestingly, I’m being re-connected with people I’ve met in the past several years, to discover that we were meant to meet for reasons I didn’t even know at the time.

Sometimes we believe things happen or experiences can only occur once in a blue moon, but I believe there’s an underlying connection during these times that we don’t fully grasp or are even suppose to understand. Everything happens for a reason, whether that’s to learn, discover, or be temporarily awakened. So when the dawn of 2010 arrives, look back on the Eve of that moonlit night and ask: What happened that night that’s not just once in a blue moon; but rather, the start of something new?

To a great time of change and new beginnings.


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