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Posted on 11. Nov, 2010 by in Life Coaching

I was inspired by a presentation at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) today when the notion of discovering our place among a global world brought to mind the significance of local connection. As our connectivity broadens and disperses; it seems just as necessary to find roots in our own community. Over the past few years we’ve seen a surge of artisan bakeries, local markets, and festivals that bring people together in a spirit of creating a quality experience that is textured with the tastes, colours, and tangible energy. Like a pod of seeds being randomly tossed, I wonder what happens when we cast those seeds in our very own community?

Our interests and work can often lead us on a path of greater awareness and engagement in worldly issues, yet at times it may feel superficial or too large to even make an impact in a way we can relate. Don’t get me wrong, we can make an impression or impact from a far, but isn’t there something missing when we feel  out of touch in our own community. I suppose, it’s the contradiction of our lives on the world-wide web – easy to share and exchange information, form alliances, follow like-minded folks and initiatives, but are we still cognizant of what’s going on in our own backyard and for that matter our own inner dwelling?

Can we be all that globally connected and still derive a sense of meaning, satisfaction, and well-being? Well one may argue yes but in the context of our local experiences those that entail the engagement of all our senses then, I beg to differ. People still like to meet with me in person for life coaching once in while, there’s a quality that shows up that differs from phone conversations, similarly having organic goods delivered to the door is efficient (like phone coaching), although it can be way more fun and interesting to meet with a local grower and chat over an abundant colour of vegetables. It’s helpful to create efficiencies but also necessary to consider at what cost?

Often we learn something by being in a local experience. We learn the nuances, the little things that create the fabric of that community and ultimately influences our lifestyle or the choices we make. In our work lives we can connect beyond office walls but if we don’t share some sense of place, then ideas or opportunities can be missed that are right there waiting to be sown. Often what gives us a sense of purpose in our personal and work lives, is seeing that our actions can have a direct impact. In this big and complex world, it’s often the small touch points that help us feel connected and yes, responsible citizens.

What and where are you casting seeds to create change, action, and meaning?

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