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Posted on 04. Jun, 2010 by in Life Coaching

WritingI was struck with the urge to write this morning and followed that urge into my back sunroom. Often there’s a feeling I get that manifests the creative flow and frequently it gets dismissed due to time constraints, distractions or things I “should” be doing. That’s easy when I look at the state of my kitchen counter or open my laptop to a stream of messages. So I don’t open my laptop and I ignore the dishes – at least until I’ve responded to that feeling and allow my world to open up and land on the page.

I don’t care if you have a high profile, high stakes, “busy” and “stressful” job and life – I care that you listen to those urges for they will often create the space and time to offer a better solution, an interesting idea, a safe venting ground, and a balanced perspective.  Just imagine for a moment, a towering person over your shoulder making sure you didn’t move, stayed exactly focused on the task at hand without raising an eye to experience what’s around? Stifling isn’t it? That’s what we do when we ignore the feeling and urge to simply be; we stifle all that is creative and flowing within us.

I believe a competent leader understands the value of listening and allowing these moments to usurp the task at hand to allow for a fresh perspective, or better yet create an environment that serves to generate awareness, possibility, and outstanding results.

You can do this in your day to day life no matter what your role; solopreneur, parent, manager, CFO, CEO! Recently, I learned of a company (Life is Good) that has a Chief Operating Optimist-  now that’s impressive and guess what?  So is their success. To be effective and stay true to their brand, and likewise, ourselves; a recognition of that creative force and free expression is a worthwhile pause in the course of a day.

Quietly sitting, walking, moving, doodling, landing on the page to write whatever comes up are simple ways to connect with our feelings; an aspect of ourselves that can be held back, in order to “get on with it.” It is my experience that “getting on with it” comes from the towering figure within that gets in the way of truly experiencing life and creating all that is necessary for success and meaning.

What’s the feeling you get when creativity is calling your name?

Follow the urge…


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