In like a lamb out like a lion?

Posted on 25. Mar, 2016 by in Conscious Leadership, Life Coaching

I’ve been hampered by a cold this past week (sympathy welcome). There are six days left in March and I’d rather go out like a roaring lion than a quiet lamb.  So here I am not quite roaring, but writing for public consumption, for the first time in four years!

March Comes in Like a Lion and Goes Out Like a LambDespite the head fog of a cold, I’m acutely aware that spring has arrived and I need to peek out and bring my message and mission to life.  Fortunately, I have good people in my world who will offer encouragement, sage advice, connect me to other good people, and knock some sense into me! Today, my good friend said, “you have one foot on the platform and the other on the train.” (I could blame it on the cold I suppose). The train feels like the next six days, and the platform feels well-trodden and hard. Quite frankly, neither comfortable.

So the question I’m wrestling with is this, what do I want to do (I have 6 days left)?  I think I just answered it.  Six days on the train, clearly I’m not looking at the platform. If I’m to make the last days of March some of my best days, I find the lion and lamb to be of mutual benefit. The majestic lion is symbolic of courage, and while I’m leaning toward the roar; respectfully, the calm lamb is likely the demeanor in which I must execute my plan.  Courage and calm.

For the days ahead I must be mindful. Paying attention to the moments I need to roar and those better served with tenderness.  Our high pressured demanding lifestyles require this mindfulness and the ability to discern when we are to act with courage and vulnerability.  So if I choose to put both feet on the train, I will need to act with the courage of a lion. At the same time in the speed of change, I too, must embrace the gentleness necessary for starting anew.  As you awaken to each day or find yourself straddling the platform and the train, consider this: what gives you energy and growth? For at last, it is spring!

By the way, if you are straddling the big things in life and work, call me in a few days.


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