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Posted on 22. Dec, 2011 by in Life Coaching

During the last-minute rush to get food and gifts, and wrap up work projects I have momentary relief knowing that the days to follow are about connecting and sharing time together.  After all, what is a holiday unless we have truly connected with ourselves and those we love? It doesn’t matter what your tradition or religion, it’s the exchange between friends, neighbours, and family that somehow makes this time special.

There’s a quality of generosity and spirit that is felt and this brings hope and meaning to our lives that can sometimes feel anything but. Discovering purpose and meaning is part of our own personal journey and it can show up at any point if we’re open to it. I find this time of year magnifies our humanity – both our challenges and opportunities. We all have potential to live better lives; and it’s through our exchange that we can lift up, learn, and develop.

HeartWe have great distances between continents and countries, we have various values and perspectives, but we do have a common connection – our human capacity to be awakened, conscious, and evolve. My wish for you this holiday season is to find those moments of exchange that awaken your spirit and magnify your light in this world.

Many blessing to you and your loved ones during the holiday season.


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