Health: responsibility and action.

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I have no voice – well a faint scratchy one. December arrived with snow and so did a virus that has invaded some obscure region of my respiratory tract countering my ability to speak. Rather ironic after I spent a few hours outlining a talk to present in the New Year. Oh well, a good day to write and a reminder of why I got into writing and speaking about well-being, conscious change, and positive action.

Feeling inspired and being effective in your personal and professional life often boils down to one essential key: good health. Gosh, I just spent half an hour posting a comment to the CBC about the current housing crisis in an aboriginal community – Why? Because, I’m passionate about health and conscious leadership . Without either, we are doomed! (okay that’s a bit dramatic), but I want to highlight something important – with good health, an effective voice, and purposeful action; individuals, organizations, and communities thrive.

Today I’m grateful for the roof over my head, the furnace generating warmth in my home, and clean water (to wash my hands, soothe my throat, and hydrate me back to health). Too often basic needs are not met and when they’re ignored, a crisis looms. This pertains to all of us – if we don’t have our health, how effective can we be in managing our lives, work, and relationships? How effective can people be in their lives and communities if basic needs are not met and the means to achieve optimal health are not accessible or addressed?

Not having a strong voice today has literally inhibited my ability to have effective conversations and limited my work capacity. I will take this one step further and suggest, metaphorically speaking – without a strong voice and sound health – it’s very challenging to create positive change. It’s essential that our leaders, communities, and you and I are healthy in order to thrive and consciously go about our business and lives. Okay so there’s a larger message in all this but essentially I’m stressing the importance of taking care of ourselves and one another; especially as the holiday season ramps up and the demands of life don’t stop!

When I consider the crisis as mentioned above, and parallel that with the fact we’re all human with essential needs, the one common denominator is: health, plus: responsibility and action. As an individual, what are you willing to take responsibility for?  Hint: your health to start. When you and I are well, we can then start to take care of others and be conscious about the actions we take and the response we can create in the wake of a crisis.

What are you doing today to take responsibility for your health? What action can you take to improve your circumstances to maintain good health and well-being? If you are in a position of leadership – what are you doing to give voice to issues that prevent a healthy organization and community? Consider what about your own life and circumstances that require your attention.  Take care – vitality is ours to have and share with others.

Today, I’m expressing my voice in written word, between soothing sips of tea.  I’m doing my little bit to raise consciousness about something that I feel is important: health: responsibility and action. Often it starts with you – one person, who has the choice and capacity to change!

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  1. Darlene

    02. Dec, 2011

    I really enjoy reading you!

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