Giving voice to my vision

Posted on 20. Nov, 2009 by in Life Coaching

I’ve been tested in the past two weeks in an unexpected and wonderful way. On three occasions I have given voice to my vision, although somewhat reluctantly at first; those three occasions had the subtle nuances to bring forth that inner calling that I have secretly held.  Like my client, who said “I blurted out my vision, and I’m already feeling a huge weight lifted off my shoulders,” I too experienced this.

I felt somewhat exhilarated like a puppy fumbling to find it’s footing and leaping forward to give the world a big wet kiss! However, the difference among all three occasions in which I did leap forward was in the type of conversation I had and the style of questions offered that rendered my inner calling.

In the first instance, I was casually exchanging the state of my business and clientele. This first scenario was a genuine exchange of interest and alliance and the inner vision would not be revealed until the next few meetings. The second occasion was more uprooting. This person moved me from tentative to active language; for instance, instead of saying, “I want to be…” I said, “I am…”.  The third opportunity came in a conversation over the phone with someone whose style was less direct, but moved me deeper into my mind so that eventually I just said it. The message of my vision was revealed.

All three occasions happened to involve a conversation with a professional coach, someone from within my own industry. The common factor among all three scenarios was that I had never met any of them in person prior to our conversations. I suppose being among my own peers gave me the opportunity to indulge my ideas, and yet, it could have been quite the opposite if I hadn’t been open. All three scenarios confirmed the value of listening, clarifying questions, challenging inquiry, and courageous exploration.

Prior to all this, I went through a period of feeling bewildered and restless, knowing I was on to something and ready for change.  As for life and business, there are periods of status quo where everything is fine, trickling along, and then, we find ourselves in need of something different, greater, and inspiring. For a while we have direction that is consistent and allows us to stay the course. Then one day, we wake up and feel the gap – the sinking feeling that we are once again lost in our direction. We don’t have the puppy feeling, we are the master pulling on the leash of an old dog.

We may go on for months feeling this way and still produce, work, and contribute in the best way we know how. Yet deep down there is something simmering, something unsettling and calling for our attention. We might resolve the issue by taking a holiday, or a much needed break, or slacking off a little until a surge of options come forth. Then we are wagging our tails and spinning in circles thinking, “This is good…I have options…great idea…I’ll work on this for a while.” Then we find ourselves exhausted, frustrated and bored. Alternatively, we may go inward to analyze our strengths, our purpose, or weight in on the factors that are pulling us away from our comfortable zone. Now all we feel is caged and stuck.

And so, we move out into our world again, not really sure about our next step, not really enthusiastic, and justify or accept it all by saying “I just need to pay the bills.”  However, somewhere in the back of your mind or deep inside that simmering is still happening.  You are looking around, taking in ideas, generating possibilities or lurking around corners to find the next best thing.  But it’s not out there, it’s all within.  It’s that vision of your life, your business, your mission that is slowly bubbling up and creating some steam without any release valve.

Until one day you meet someone, talk to someone, or find yourself in a space that gives expression to your vision.  The body language, the facial expression, the questions; the invitation to say what it is that has been inside you waiting to release.  My three occasions were a combination of genuine interest, clarifying questions and an nudging invitation to be really present and courageous.  I’m still trembling a little when I think about those moments; more so, because now I feel a great accountability for my expressed vision.  There will be much work ahead; and yet, it’s targeted, it’s on track and giving life to my vision.

Life does give us the opportunity to give voice to our vision.  It’s the people we call on, meet and converse with, the stories we read, or the places we go, that allows the lid to come off and the declaration of our vision to be expressed. I’m grateful that this has all happened so unexpectedly. I feel honoured to be a life coach and usher the vision of those I meet in my work and life. I can honestly say that I’m in the trenches with them as I move forward on purpose with vision.

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