Creative tension – in transition

Posted on 20. May, 2010 by in Life Coaching

Living in discomfort, fuzziness with the odd moments of brilliance I acknowledge that I’m in a shift, a transitional period of my life. Just the other night it occurred to me that I went through this similar experience nine years ago; and yet, this time I’m moving from a entirely different place and context.

It’s an odd almost indescribable experience, one that I find hard to put in words. I feel torn between two worlds; one that I’m familiar and confident within, and one that is pulling me with great anticipation and excitement. Being of ambitious nature I’m somewhat impatient (or rather excited) to move forward and get going BUT that’s not what life is proving to be right now. The experience suggests one of stuttering, wanting so desperately to move with ease and flow and yet still somewhat cocooned within a sticky web knowing that wings will appear when the time is right.  I have total admiration for nature’s beauty and grace and it’s imparting wisdom.

During my insight of being in this new life cycle, I opened Dan Millman’s book “The Life You Were Born to Live” to affirm this awareness. Sure enough, my experience since my last birthday revealed the blessings of year one in the nine year cycle. Indeed I have been sowing seeds and bringing forth creativity. All the seeds that I’ve begun to disperse are naturally unyielding at this time as they will require the nourishment of year two – the building and interaction of relationships that will naturally bring about their eventual emergence.

So with this time of transition I have felt rather vacant, like a vessel carrying the soul of my aspirations not manifested in outwardly form.  I have carried all that I know and all that I am and every so often there’s a glimmer of some unrecognizable truth that is profoundly awakening.

In times of transition, momentum is withheld as there is a deeper current running within that needs time to spring forth. And when it does, surely the power and energy will initiate bountiful growth and presence. So for now, the vacancy, stuttering, discomfort  are signs that the space within holds great creativity and learning.

In my own vacancy I’m prompted to ask: what space can be held within and between us to bring about positive change?


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