Count down to my free teleseminar – Change the Status Quo

Posted on 24. Sep, 2009 by in Life Coaching

So this is a BIG week for me: new website, new programs: 30 Day Quick Start & 90 Day Intensive, and finally for Friday, my free teleseminar! My eyes are buggy from starring at the computer screen while navigating all the details and setting everything up, plus I have a toddler that just doesn’t seem to understand that we don’t really need to wake up at 1am to screaming DADA MAMA!

So just as I’m embracing this amazing transition I hope you join me as well. Tomorrow’s live telecast will be an opportunity to connect and communicate about the things that get in the way of change or at best get us inspired, moving and taking action.  Clearly I got tired of the status quo and gave my business a kick start (and myself a kick in the pants).

Thank you to my long time subscribers and current new followers as each of you add to my experience and enrich my learning.  Stay connected and please join me tomorrow to hear about what’s coming up for October!

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2 Responses to “Count down to my free teleseminar – Change the Status Quo”

  1. Simone

    25. Sep, 2009

    Thanks for the webinar/teleseminar Susan, I needed to hear about methods for change as I re-think my career path/trajectory!

  2. Agnes

    08. Oct, 2009

    I thought the webcast was very well done – very professional.
    Your presentation was fresh and concise. Good luck with the initiative.

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