Conscious mindset for positive action

Posted on 01. Apr, 2011 by in Conscious Leadership, Life Coaching, Team Development

Over dinner with a client last night I was sharing my story of the past few weeks and realized the “reactionary” state we’ve been living in. After having a flood in our basement and a bunch of other unexpected events, we’ve been thrust into making decisions and taking action on items that typically would have some foresight and planning. As with any major project, there’s a general work plan, budget, and coordinated effort that takes place. This story has been anything but that!

This morning this message arrived in my inbox, “what we focus on grows…” No joke! A nice reminder to give energy to what pulls us forward and away from daily nuisances and predicaments. Moment-to-moment we are creating our future and that takes a conscious energy and attitude. So I had this simple thought, I would love to have a conversation over a cup of tea with a friend, and soon manifested three connections with my friends, all in a matter of three hours! How cool is that! I received support just by bringing a desire forward into conscious thought and well, the Universe did the rest.

It’s so easy to get mired in distractions and challenges that we unintentionally expand them. I’ve certainly had my fair share and dwell on them far too much! Oh well, “poor me “- oh did I say my ego loved the attention? This interesting interplay of ego and spirit is forever being challenged and on this evolutionary path, I suppose I’m getting a big hit. Thankfully, there are people in my life who are wonderful messengers. Like, the question my son asked the other day: “Who’s God,” and those who facilitate healing or enrich me through passionate conversation, or a simple gesture of support.

So how can all this be applied to life and business? A work plan is always a great idea, but when things come at you and there’s no time to form a strategy or be proactive, then it’s worth investing energy into what will yield positive gains and outcomes. Re-frame your experience: What is the vision or outcome you want to create? Start in the present – the now. What if you don’t know the vision? Start with what resonates, feels positive, even easy. DO NOT focus on the difficulties as this will just add energy and create more. Focus on what’s going well, what can be done in the time given, and who can do the tasks and jobs that will yield the outcomes you want.  This is a coordinated effort with momentum!

So in my own story, I’m attempting to do just this and have a conscious mindset for positive action. Whether you’re navigating a change, building a team, embarking on a new project, or dealing with “nuisances” I’m here to help transform your challenges and ideas into positive action and meaningful results.

Coaching doesn’t have to be a huge decision or investment, it can facilitate change and immediate action in just one conversation -  this is your moment to shift energy into what matters and make a positive difference! Starting April 4th – I’m offering same day coaching – No line ups or “service calls in 5 days” I know what that feels like (waiting for those essential services to show up)! Get the solutions & results you deserve!

Be Proactive,

Susan Wright

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4 Responses to “Conscious mindset for positive action”

  1. Steve Gosewich

    01. Apr, 2011

    Hope you are well. Great blog. Makes absolute sense. I continue to have lots of challenges…but I guess these are all part of the journey of life. It never comes easy and its always dirty. Its all about how we handle it and place the emphasis and the attention on the good stuff…the bad stuff will be easier handled if you are in a positive frame of mind.

  2. Susan Wright

    01. Apr, 2011

    Steve, Great to hear from you. You should see how dirty my basement is LOL! Like you say, managing is easier with a positive frame of mind and fortunately we’re never alone on this journey. Thanks and glad for an exchange of perspectives

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  3. Sandy Young

    06. Apr, 2011

    Hi, Susan
    Was just flipping through some sites and landed on yours and read your April. In March our Well leaked into the playroom so a fix was necessary ASAP – last weekend our Sump stopped and flooded the family room and this morning our water cooler cracked and demoed the kitchen flooring. SIGH! I am in the midst of business expansion and well as you outline sometimes we don’t have time for planned courses. Wanted to say hello and thanks for the mutual insight!!!

  4. Susan Wright

    06. Apr, 2011

    Oh Sandy!! A big SIGH back and just as you’re expanding business (exciting!) – I read something the other day – when we ask for strength we are given challenges to make us stronger – needless to say I’m being careful for what I ask : ) May we both have a dry spring and a steady expansion of exciting and lucrative business!! Be well and thanks for the share.

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