Choice creates change

Posted on 24. Aug, 2011 by in Life Coaching, Personal and Professional Development

Often I hear people say, “it’s hard to change” and essentially “we are who we are.” These statements are true from the perspective of a person having identified characteristics and traits.  When I talk about change I don’t necessarily mean changing who we are, but rather changing the way we manage ourselves, our lives, and the context in which we thrive.

Essentially, once we accept ourselves and those around us we free up a lot of time that was once spent trying to understand, fix, and “change.”  We actually start to change and transform from within and this requires a great deal of consciousness, one that’s not an easy task given life today!

We are subject to a bombardment of external stimuli, which manages to pull us away from our essence. We start to compare, strive for, yearn for, and grasp at whatever has the highest appeal or attractive quality we desperately can’t seem to discover within. What might be helpful, is to consider what in our mindset and core beliefs can we acknowledge and accept. By recognizing and accepting thoughts and beliefs, we can then consciously ask, “how is this working for me?”

Awareness is a funny thing – when we have it, there can be a big ah-hah, but also a big sense of “oh now what!”  In that moment, there is a shift, a change. We shift in our consciousness. Then it’s a matter of staying on path and not returning to those thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve our highest selves.  Change is possible, it has more to do with loving who you are and moving forward to a place in your heart and mind that serves your greatest purpose.

If you find yourself caught up with fixing and problem solving but understand that some change must occur, then ask yourself this: What choices can I make today? One choice might be to accept what is.  This opens up further options, to move forward with a choice that brings fresh ideas and new action. Choice creates change with a responsibility for who we are being. There is a whole lot of responsibility that comes with conscious change and for that, we can become keepers of wisdom and develop regard for ourselves and one another.

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