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follow the heart ~Being conscious feels to me like, turning the light switch on, being fully connected to the power, and isn’t it too bad we’re not grateful for the light until something happens like a blackout. Shouldn’t we be more aware of these little miracles?  However, it’s my experience that in daily life it’s more of a challenge to stay conscious, present, or fully connected to source. The mighty ego and the numerous distractions get a firm grip every so often, although I must admit, the grip doesn’t last as long and the ego, well, I’m more aware of it now. So is this the path toward awakening?  In my humble awareness right now, I get that we have moments of crystal clarity and pure truth, but then whammo we’re hit with a gotta do, gotta go, and so forth.

Two weeks back, I had the experience of being soulfully aware if only for a moment. I was totally overwhelmed with a profound sense of compassion and love that I cannot describe in words. Since that time, I have been more aware of my thoughts and actions that have the potential to attract what I want or don’t want.  I’ve also had long periods of time where I became unconscious, reactive, and absorbed by distractions. Staying “awake” feels mechanical, spotty, and momentary; like a voice saying “hey you, you have a choice here, what’s it going to be?” What a cool moment of inner power and then presto – gone.  I noticed myself yearning for that moment to stay and paradoxically, once I got to “heady” about it, the moments were less.

Some time ago I read Eckhart Tolle’s book The New Earth, and now I’m starting to recognize in myself that “presence” he and other transformed folk have experienced as being awake. I wonder for beginners like me does this feel like conscious effort, work, or training? I suppose I’m part of a spiritual boot camp – 50 push ups of affirming thoughts and five km of enduring patience. But that’s just it – it’s a form of self discipline and acknowledgment that the first 10 push ups and one km yields one moment of freedom where you are awake enough to experience pure possibility, choice and flow. I’m starting to understand the stories of enlightenment and just how one “chops wood, carries water” and patiently enters the “now” without effort.

So where am I going with this? Well the thought is this: how do we stay conscious when life just bumbles along and we get so caught up in what’s next? Here’s a thought, just for a moment suppose that we measure our days by minutes rather than hours. Imagine being so very clear, honest, and awake that in one minute how immediately you can choose and change. I imagine life becomes very vibrant and truly appreciative of the light that is within us and around us.

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2 Responses to “Awakening”

  1. Ann B

    22. Jul, 2010

    I think many of us including myself live unconsciously, and at the same time we are so desperate to feel awaken by something. I know mindfulness exist, but the problem is executing the discipline to change the current way of thinking – actually a better statement would be not thinking. Some many of us are going through life not thinking! At times we are starved for intellectual companionship, and then we are side tracked by the beep or vibration of our cell phones.
    Curious to know what happened two weeks ago?

  2. Susan Wright

    22. Jul, 2010

    Ann, appreciate your comment especially having attempted some sort of meditation today – sitting, being, non-judgment, breathing…and coming back to that place of peace will take me a lifetime of discipline I’m sure! Somehow learning to play piano was easier…I was just wondering to self, how do I practice when I have 3 kids and not an early morning riser LOL. I think the key here and something that I’m experiencing more frequently and although “intellectually” understand, is the power of feelings/emotions and being with what is in acceptance. As humans I think we are starved of true connection, compassion – it exists and it’s awesome when the door opens – two weeks ago I met a stranger who said, “we’ve been waiting for you” – that’s a strong message and the next day I shared tears of compassion for a group of relative strangers and felt every ounce of love for our humaneness and collective experience. Again, hard to describe but awesome. As a few teachers in my life will say – take care of you and you will have so much more to give others and also the courage to speak our truth – that’s something that simply happened that day and it came from the heart – whoa! I think for the moment I stopped thinking….

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