At the edge of change – visit me at my new site soon!

Posted on 21. Sep, 2009 by in Life Coaching

The past few days have been busy and my body knows it! Desperately needed to do yoga this morning to work out the kinks. “Mac” and I pulled a few late nights and long days in between family life to bring some changes to Wright Momentum. My new site will be launched in the next 24 hours in addition to a free teleseminar I’m facilitating this Friday, previewing my new program to be launched this October.

Although these changes require new learning, adaptation and continual trial and error; I believe they will bring new energy, synergy and results. I’ve had some wonderful people help me in this transition and believe me, they are so patient! My aim is to be just the same, to help and connect with people who are ready to make a change in their life and business. I’ll be honest, the process is not easy, but the consequences of not changing are far worse! Life and business get dull, inefficient and we loose our edge.

I’d rather stand on the edge and see what lies before me, than stand back and hide (without seeing or knowing what is possible). While I go through this transition, I hope to inspire others and empower them to make the changes necessary to transform and gain momentum!

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