Planning life and business in a flurry of activity

Posted on 25. Feb, 2010 by in Life Coaching

Flurries today with a north-west wind. The weather outside is a reflection of how I’ve been operating this past week. I’m living among a flurry of activity that is whirling around me and could change in any direction, depending on how I manage it. This whirling requires a steady stance; not being swayed and focusing on one activity at a time.

Two weeks back I wrote about life in motion and the benefits of persistence, consciousness and practical plans – my last point is resonating with me today.  In managing all the stresses of everyday life and work, I undoubtedly arrive once again at the benefits of these key points and remarkably, the flurry of activity in raising my own consciousness to the fact that practical plans must come into play.

The activity is absolutely positive, and yet it’s randomness is creating a tension that is both productive and distracting. So to effectively mobilize and create change, practical plans will need to be put in place.  These plans will provide a framework to move forward in an aligned and structured way that is ultimately directed and organized. Curious, are you in a whirlwind right now? Are you ramping up your life and business to only find a loss of organization and control? Okay, so the energy is there – good, now it’s time to direct it.

You and I are moving through the flurry and we also have the ability to temporarily STOP and review our plan. Consider these questions:

Are the plans you made in January still viable, important, and relevant?

Is the activity aligned with those plans?

What activity is distraction and what is really worth taking hold of?

Now, stay still and take a little time to:  think through, visualize, map or write out, a practical plan. The plan is manageable, energizing, and characteristic of coordinated effort (by you, with others, in relationship to your environment). At this time of year, the earth is still hard and frozen, lending the idea that our foundation is being prepared for the uprooting of new and positive change. By taking perspective, stock, and time, rather than being swayed by all the activity, you stand up-right and move with the wind, gracefully and directed.

What practical plans can you create today?


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