Coaching Process

How coaching can facilitate positive change

Congratulations. If you are thinking about hiring a professional coach then you are thinking about making changes in your life or organization and that takes courage and commitment. Kudos to you.

Let me explain how Wright Momentum will work with you or your organization. The process is simple yet very powerful.

Creating Momentum with Professional CoachingWright Momentum helps you make positive change by helping you to:

  • Identify values, purpose and goals
  • Make conscious choices
  • Develop and commit to a realistic action blueprint
  • Take priority-focused action
  • Stay focused on what matters, top priorities and sustained action

Identify values, purpose and goals
We help you arrive at an awareness of intention that will enable you to make conscious choices.

Make conscious choices
Sorting through the myriad of possibilities open to you to is a daunting task. By helping you become aware of what’s important you are able to make conscious choices that are consistent with your values, purpose and goals.

Develop and commit to a realistic action blueprint
We work alongside with you or your team to create an action blueprint designed to address your specific priorities and overcome any barriers. Your blueprint will be aligned with the work we’ve done to date and will include strategies for personal/professional development that may be needed to balance career, family and health—a balance essential for sustained success.

Take priority-focused action
The resulting clarity and alignment of values, purpose and goals will become your beacon for success and will create the motivation to take action towards attaining personal and/or business success. What you need to do will be defined in the action blueprint you have created.

Stay focused on top priorities and sustained action
Knowing what to do and sustaining the momentum necessary until habits are changed or change is implemented are often separate issues. Having an ongoing coaching relationship can be key to assure that new habits are created and momentum is sustainable and is often the key to long-term success.

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