WM Clients

People who:

  • are not happy with the status quo, who are seeking a change in their personal and professional lives.
  • have big ideas and managing big stuff!
  • are ready to explore new terrain and take action
  • need support to get started (business/education/ PhD) and stay in momentum

“I’ve utilized Susan’s clear minded and creative thinking to assist me in planning my move from employee to entrepreneur. In addition, she has assisted me in developing “dream charts” and relaxation techniques for birth planning when my twins were born. She is a fabulous coach in physical, life and mental and I continue to recommend her to friends and business partners.”
N. Morel-Whittle, Principal. Relate Marketing Communications

Small business owners/partners/entrepreneurs who:

  • are ready to take business to the next level
  • are in a new partnership
  • need communication facilitation
  • are managing a small team
  • are seeking accountability and plans
  • are looking to better manage their business and personal lives

“Things are going well, I’m enjoying my work and rebuilding the business. I often reread my notes from our sessions and I am sticking with the ‘rituals’….and I miss it when I don’t do it which is a good sign. I now feel that I have CHOSEN to come back to London and CHOSEN my career…this is a real breakthrough! I’m proud and enjoying what I’m doing and we have started to steer the business in a more hands on direction. Thank you!”
Scott Batty, Architect

Associations and Organizations dedicated to community and social change who:

  • want to enhance communication, innovation, and collaboration
  • want employees to raise their level of engagement and performance
  • strive for effective relationships with their Board of Directors, government, community partners, and stakeholders.

“Susan has an engaging; trusting style that embraces the individuals she is supporting providing a safe, confident environment that assists with achieving successful outcomes.” Russell DeCou, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels (Sudbury)