Why we need conscious leaders and business.

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If there’s one thing that I’ve started to recognize as common among my clients is this: they are conscious leaders and organizations. So what does that mean? They are: self-aware, think broadly about their impact and that of the business they’re in, consider the systems in which they work and live, and they care about our social and economic well-being.  When I started my business many years ago, I coined myself as a “lifestyle coach and consultant” because I knew a little something about health, human behaviour and systems thinking. I knew then, that we can’t truly thrive unless we are whole, integrated human-beings and communities. It also deeply mattered to me that I partnered with leaders and organizations to create positive change, whether that be at the personal, team or organizational level. That led me to meet other like-minded professionals, who were exploring conscious capitalism and conscious leadership from the perspective of shifting mindsets and cultures to be more engaging, collaborative and innovative.

brain-954815_960_720Fast-track 16 years later, since the inception of my business, Wright Momentum and the same philosophy holds true; enabling change, innovation and transformation requires an integrated, collaborative and conscious approach.  Several years back, I developed models for collaboration and conscious change, but my timing was early and these ideas were only starting to emerge; yet, I can now see what started as a philosophy in my own approach to personal and organizational development, is now more widely embraced and required more and more for people and businesses to thrive. How so? Because there is an abundance of data driven information and resources available to accelerate change, and humans need to adopt and adapt at an unprecedented pace while managing new complexities and relationships in a global network. Being consciously-minded enables leaders and teams to integrate complexity and rapid change in a way that can serve the greater-good and the bottom-line.

We have witnessed and are now experiencing the back-lash, divide and polarities that bring about change and evolution. It’s painful and turbulent; and yet, I believe good will succeed when our leaders and organizations act in conscious ways. Call it a wake-up call – whatever you want, but our civil liberties, business and societal values are being shaken, stirred and awoken from complacency.  The seeds of change are often unrest.  I have worked with so many people and leaders who want to improve and make a change, either for themselves or for the systems they lead and work within.  They wrestle and negotiate both the complexity of their inner and outer worlds in an effort to succeed and thrive.

I’m very optimistic that as a global network, we are having the tough conversations, the dialogue that brings awareness, insight and positive action. And, if you are not, well then, why not engage some support to do so? You might be walking in the forest but you don’t have to do this alone.  As a conscious leader it’s your responsibility to engage yourself and others in a meaningful and provocative way.  We can enable change by integrating our own views and those of others, through divergent thinking, conversations and convening on matters of importance.  When we do this, something new can emerge: a transformative idea or innovative solution, and a collective consciousness that is aware of the whole, rather than the parts.  Business and organizations, and the world for that matter, are ecological systems and isn’t it time, we draw closer together to create, innovate and do our bit for the greater good?


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