What’s spring cleaning got to do with it?

Posted on 06. May, 2011 by in Life Coaching

I admit I’m lousy at de-cluttering and letting go of items that no longer serve a purpose. I’m really great at organizing items I think will be of use and benefit to others, but then what? Well, they sit in their tidy boxes and stack up with other random items that soon form a fortress of which I have no desire or influence to disband.

T’is the season to spring clean and in this very notion, is the matter of decision making.  A lovely set of conditions are set up that soon show our preference and style of decision making, some of which I’m not so fond or proud to profess! There’s a feel of procrastinating, “where do I begin,” and low on the priority list thinking that can sneak in working their magic to create an unruly and unnecessary amount of excuses not to make any sort of reasonable decision. Spring cleaning halts, or rather, never begins.

I suppose if I held no sentimental value to my thinking or processes, then all would clear rather rapidly! Let me be fair to say, that cleaning isn’t the most exciting subject matter and surely can bring on many forms of restraint in choice, options, and decision making; however, examine the process closely enough, we are sure to find some nuggets of awareness and understanding.

It’s possible to notice your process for arriving at decisions and how in fact, the time allocated for each step and your disposition in the process.  For example, two months back I placed all the infant and toddler items acquired over six years in one area with great hope of passing them on to someone who could use them. I chose this as the outcome and yet, the outcome I’m striving for has made a somewhat staggering process. I’ve learned that charities no longer take “lightly used toys” and there’s a whole process to going on-line or bringing to a store that suddenly felt impersonal. Yet, after two months, now accept it’s quite effective (online) in getting it out to people who can use it!

Sometimes, the desire or outcome can outweigh arriving at the most effective process, it can also shadow viable solutions to the existing problem i.e too much stuff! But, the personal disposition toward a decision and resulting outcome can weigh in as well and interesting to note, just how personal it can all be!! I think this is why we hire personal organizers (smile).

When you take stock of your spring cleaning assignment (lol) notice if you develop a plan, assert your efforts into sizable chunks, go head on and plow through, or contract out! In every scenario a decision has been made and that’s just the beginning as there are more decisions in how you manage the process of sorting, cleaning, and ridding of stuff.  You may move at stealth speed to rid your basement of an ugly couch or the worn out painting, Aunt Irma gave oh so many years ago.  You may stake out your areas to conquer and set up options to save, delete or file.

By the end of it all, you will have an idea of how you make decisions based on the various factors presented and any other personality traits that dovetail your desires and action.  Spring cleaning has a lot to do with how we arrive at decisions and needless to say, what can get in the way of making one!

If you prefer to make your life and projects more manageable there’s always Martha – check out her list. Maxine’s quips, on the other hand, may be more aligned for those mastering the art of procrastination. Good luck cleaning house!

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