What are you waking up to?

Posted on 29. Jul, 2011 by in Life Coaching

The past two weeks have been incredibly rich with gratitude for me. Through the simple act of writing each night, I’m reminded just how easy it is to manifest and acknowledge all that is within us and our connection to each other. There has been a succession of conversations and events that have spilled over into my daily routine in accord to what I’ve questioned, stated, and declared on the page.

Quite often when I suggest journaling as a tool or practice for clients, they respond with a silent hesitancy or rational as to why they are not and once had. That’s okay I had my own (rational) a few weeks back, then I realized it’s the most accessible way for me to re-connect given my current lifestyle. Certainly there are various ways in which we can wake up to the possibilities, aspirations, and answers we might seek. Meditation, quiet reflection, walking, running, creating art; whatever suits your fancy – just know that it doesn’t require years of training and masterful instruction. Whatever the practice, it requires your intent and attention. And with what we place our attention on, it grows and flourishes in a way that can be totally unexpected and yet surprisingly synergistic and timely.

There are many ways in which we can wake up to all that is within and among us but often a small prompt or gesture is helpful; like the one I had from a friend three weeks back. The experience for me has been one of waking up to the abundance that’s within me and those who I share that with. In my journaling, I discerned it was time to ask for help and this didn’t arise from a place of scarcity; but rather, a place of abundance knowing that the right person or supports would show up and essentially that’s what happened.

So the moral of my little story: often, what we are waking up to, is ourselves; not a particular thing or profound discovery (although highly appealing and attractive). A relatively simple practice like:

  • 10 minutes of daily meditation
  • 15 minutes of journaling
  • 20 minutes of walking,
  • and washing dishes (yes really!)

can create just enough time and space to muster up the intelligence and insight we all have. We don’t necessarily need to find a Zen Master to wake up; we can listen, settle into a practice, give ourselves permission to rest, and respond to a gentle guide who just might be someone or something already within and among us.

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