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After a full week of long summer days I feel less inclined to take up any task related to business and work. Although, there is a little voice inside urging me to write again. Possibly, this is my work for now – my soul work.  On the practical side of life, I know I ought to muster up some sales, land a new project, or do some more networking; yet, I can’t help but want to indulge in the softer side of summer.

Yesterday, the ice cream truck came down our street and in a moments dash I was out of the door giddy to buy soft ice cream for my kids. It’s that spontaneous fun that is so enticing and really brings out the warmer characteristics of our lives.  Often this is denied by the constant noise we have created in our productive society. This was brought to light in a conversation with a parent at my son’s soccer game. This parent noted in a recent job change he no longer required his Blackberry and to some relief as work calls typically came in as late as 11:30 p.m. and started again by 5:30 a.m. I thought to myself – what is possibly that urgent unless it’s life or death?

Certain work roles require urgent response but I often wonder how much of it is a need for an answer that can wait, versus, a very real and necessary action. Think about this for a moment in the context of our soul’s work. How many of us, really respond to our own needs or take time for ourselves ? We are constantly plugged in to our external titles and worlds, but often miss out on the internal call. That call may come in less than obvious ways. It may show up as a health imbalance, a little voice, a message that somehow gets repeated by a few people, a sign…

One day last summerI was really struck by my questioning thought about what is really urgent and what just makes us feel important. Somehow instant messaging and texting has brought everything into a microscopic lens where the larger callings somehow get denied or put off until another day. Our purpose or soul’s work can often be in the shadow of the stark and apparently insistent aspects of life.

The soul of summer, wherever you find it, has many keys. All of these keys can bring you back to your soul’s work. We have duality in our lives and even so, it’s a choice to bring this duality into alignment. Possibly this is the balance we strive to discover?  While the days are warm and long take a little time and notice where and what you are doing to hear your soul’s calling.

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