The point of vulnerability

Posted on 30. Apr, 2010 by in Life Coaching

Just when I thought it was okay, it wasn’t, just as I started to share, it got scary,  just as I let my guard down, it felt uncomfortable…how many of us feel a little less okay when we start to open our hearts and share what really matters? For those of us who like control – whether we realize it or not – that point of vulnerability, when we really just “go there” can be uncomfortable, emotional, and yes a little scary.  What does the ego do? Well it slams the door shut!

A light turned on this week after walking away from a conversation sharing a recent parental experience. At one moment I was open and heartfelt, the next closing the door. What came to light was the power of ego and the inner voice that gets in the way of authenticity.  We may let go a little in confidence, share a bit about our experience, and then look out, the emotions surface like a bubble of soap, just glistening enough to  sparkle and take shape, then pop goes the ego – the part of us that judges us for even being open enough to be real with our lives and experiences.

This is why asking for help is just so darn hard, or simply having relationships that compel us to open up and be who we are.  We just don’t want to lose control, it’s easier to suck it up and diminish the effect all this “stuff” is really having on us. But what’s the cost? HUGE. We lose out on opportunities for real growth, health, happiness, and authentic living.

There’s a great song by the Bodeans called “Naked,” it pretty much sums up, how we feel when were are true, loving, and accepting of what is.  So even if we can shed one layer, then we are starting to unravel and release…there is great freedom in that and that can be a very foreign feeling for those who like to know, have the road map, and predict the outcome.

With great freedom, comes great vulnerability, and that takes a whole lot of faith, self love, and a little kick in the pants! So as I move along my journey, there will be those times when my head says: “You’re foolish, how could you go there, you know better…blah, blah, blah.” I suppose it’s the heavy thoughts and if you can imagine a boss saying those things – well guess what – that’s you and your ego. What would you say to the boss? Would you be polite, walk away with your tail between your legs?

Stand up folks, it’s time. Time to take care of ourselves, time to honour who we are, and all that we can be. We can be healthy, whole, and creative. Imagine the power in that.

Get naked!


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3 Responses to “The point of vulnerability”

  1. Yvette

    30. Apr, 2010

    Love it Susan…yes let’s all get naked!

  2. froggyFrog

    30. Apr, 2010

    I cannot tell you how much I can relate to this. Especially when people hold back around me, I usually feel like I have to give up more, more of my story, my thoughts, my experiences and I get nothing in return. It’s like hitting as wall. I just love it when I have REAL conversation with someone (especially when that someone is you), when we can share real feelings, even if those feelings can seem in the end foolish. We all have them, let’s not deny it.
    I also feel like we should all get naked.
    On the other hand, my sister is a huge advocate on telling everybody the truth, meaning “her truth”, the way she sees things, the way she feels about just about everything. No holding back. Most people respect it even if it means that you won’t like it, even if it means that it’s not exactly right. She feels that as long as she telling everybody around her, business partners/boss or friends, how she feels at the time, then there is no wrong. I have been living with her theory for quite some time now, and well, I find it difficult to share my personal issues with her, scared that she will go on trying to defend myself, and “tell it as it is” to whoever I’m talking to her about. I have actually a very recent example of it, meeting with her latest boyfriend, and telling her how I felt about him… But I truly don’t want to bother you with that, I feel that perhaps I’m already off the subject.
    Good night!! xo

  3. Nicolas

    11. May, 2010

    Bravooooooo beloved Susan!!
    Get naked and allow the program that was created for you to fall with the clothes and allow the true self to look into the mirror of what we truly are.

    IS that AS I DO UNTO YOU,
    I actually DO UNTO the YOU of the WE within ME!

    All is one, one is all.

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