Ready for a change?

Posted on 23. Sep, 2011 by in Life Coaching

I’ve had a few too many challenges in 2011 than I’d like to experience, some out of my control and some I’ve created. Yes, I’ve stirred up trouble in a few areas of my life and deep down I know it’s because I’m changing. You know that unsettled, irritated, and somewhat disenchanted feeling?

Well yes I do know, and here’s what I’ve come to understand:

  1. Something must change!
  2. I can’t make a change alone (well I can try but it might take me a lot longer).
  3. I need help to see the trees for the forest, or on the other hand, the forest for the trees.

That’s why I or you hire a coach, not because we’re necessarily ineffective or non-influential – it’s exactly the opposite – we hire a coach to move forward, get out of our own way, and to feel inspired and totally confident to make life changing decisions and actions.

This is often the case for entire organizations, they too become ineffective or non-influential due to uninspired leaders and disengaged employees. Arriving at strategic decisions and generating positive action can break a team, business unit, or organization out of stagnant behaviours, yielding a great return on many levels. Personally, I’d rather work for a leader (company) who can accept that a change is underfoot and harness the creativity and resources within and throughout by getting the support to manage the change and bring a new perspective.

Personally and professionally, take time to ask yourself – where am I now? Are you at a point where something must change or do you know what it is and need some help navigating that change?  Nine months into the year, with a variety of challenges under foot, I understand the changes I want to make; working on step three with the faith that I’ll arrive at a different place, possibly transformed, feeling confident, focused, and passionately directed.  Where are you?

Feeling unsettled or ready for a change? I get it, and I’m here to guide you through. We all need a coach in our corner.

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” Keri Russell

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2 Responses to “Ready for a change?”

  1. stewart

    11. May, 2012

    it would be nice if this merry go round would at least slow down, sometimes corporations use change only to show action… good example was the old Bi-Way stores they used to change their store layouts at least once a year , this drove the limited number of employes at each store mad since they had to accomplish this task within a short period of time ..
    welcome to the club Susan good luck in your new postion it really is a great place to work.

  2. Susan Wright

    13. May, 2012

    Hi Stewart, thanks for your comment and welcome. I think it’s fair to say, we can lose sight of choice (in complex, overwhelming scenarios) better to choose when to get off the merry go round, find steady ground, and yes slow enough that when we choose we aren’t just caught up in the action but come from a clear place of what makes sense/meaning. Why go around in circles if it isn’t creating something better. Change for the sake of change isn’t necessarily good or better, then again a new layout just might create enough tension that something innovative sparks. When change is not of our own being/doing, then it’s just & optimal that people are asked, heard and supported in the process.

    Look forward to meeting everyone in the club!

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