New Year – New Life!

Posted on 20. Jan, 2012 by in Life Coaching, Personal and Professional Development

Four years ago today my youngest child was born. That day brought new life along with change, growth, and challenge. As a mother and business owner, I juggled conversations with clients among feedings, family life, and sleepless nights; but all with a resolve to stay in the game and keep moving forward with life, business and relationships.

Today, is not that different from four years ago, although, it’s easy to forget all the incremental changes and learning discoveries along the way. I believe on some level I’ve grown as an individual and embodied a new wisdom that shows up in the choices I make now and the relationships I have today.  How often do you reflect on changes and growth in your own life? Do you make choices today that you wouldn’t have four years ago or even three weeks back (just prior to making those new year resolutions)? Can you hear yourself singing a new tune?

Often these incremental changes aren’t apparent until we’re put to the test. It’s just about this time in January, that our resolve can be tested as well. For example, over the past three weeks, you may have decided to improve your health, by eating well, getting adequate sleep, and exercising more often. Then the ultimate test comes, you have major work demands & deadlines (as new projects come in), your team requires you, someone or something in your family or relationships needs your help, you get a cold….you hear that voice saying I don’t have time to do anything that is required to stay healthy!! YES your resolve will be tested until you are firm and committed to doing and being your best self!

One Step at a TimeIt’s vital to see the small, incremental changes you have made and not to sabotage your intentions and plans for a better life.  In every step and positive change, you will have embodied (whether you realize it or not) something new, entering your consciousness, informing your choice and actions. It may show up as resistance or tension, the whole time feeling a little out of sorts.  It’s time to acknowledge what you are coming up against and move on despite it and possibly tweak your plan, keeping the big vision or goal, in mind.

Experiencing life with a new-born and generally having children teaches us one thing for sure, change is constant, life is somewhat unpredictable, and just when you have a plan, they will make you adjust, tweak, and find a better way to manage, cope and learn! Children are like mini bosses!

So for all of you who have decided to make a change this new year, new life awaits. New challenges will emerge, opportunities will show up, and “teachers” will enter your life in various ways.  Give permission to make a few mistakes and possibly fail on first attempts. If you truly are meant to learn something, and if your change is intentional, then be prepared to dust off from the temporary set-back and get moving again. Learning anything new and worthwhile takes time, repetition, and some risk. Kids are a great example to us, they take risks everyday and thank goodness they do – as every new step brings new learning and life.

Monday morning, Jan 23rd, I’ll be speaking live with Glenn Dixon & Val Cole on Rogers TV Toronto, about Canada’s top New Year’s resolutions. Many of my tips come from coaching hundreds of people like you – willing to commit to a positive change and developing yourself as a person, professional, and leader.

I’m grateful that my son decided to be born on January 20th, 2008. He arrived peacefully (hence his name, Noah) but don’t be fooled, he’s also arrived to teach me a few more things about life!

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2 Responses to “New Year – New Life!”

  1. Darlene

    20. Jan, 2012

    I needed this reminder not to discount the incremental changes, and not to be discouraged by some faltering steps (or non-steps),

  2. Susan Wright

    20. Jan, 2012

    the other day I was talking about persistence…the long road and no doubt it’s helpful to have people in our lives who can help us recognize progress, lend a hand when we falter. It’s easy to discount incremental changes when life leans toward fame, instant gratification, or we just get caught up in the whirlwind forgetting who and what we are becoming…as always thanks Darlene.

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