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Feeling rather sluggish after a few late nights indulging in good food, conversation, and holiday cheer, I grabbed my workout mat and began doing Pilates. Within minutes I could feel my head clearing and body recharged. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to feel better: what it does take, is a positive mindset and action.  Connecting with your body and moving into action brings energy and confidence. This ripples into all aspects of your life.

Many of the clients and people I meet have a litany of excuses for not making the change they want to see in their lives. The problem is, these excuses tend to have more power and influence than necessary. If you say, “I don’t have time” then you live as if you don’t; constantly getting caught up with what’s urgent and not necessarily important. We tend to want instant gratification; although, it’s more rewarding and real to focus on what’s important and bring continuous improvement and meaning to our lives.

Kathmandu , Nepal,Himalayas,EverestI’m not saying that excuses aren’t somewhat legit, but when excuses start running your life, you’re likely to receive more of what you don’t want! Why? You have lost courage and stopped focusing on what you want;  taking a back seat, rather than the driver’s seat. Take charge, respect yourself, and receive the gifts waiting for you to accept!

To help you move forward into 2012 and achieve your resolutions, I have 10 easy steps.  Wake up early tomorrow morning to hear me on Canada Am as I share these steps and what tweens to 55+ have to say about New Year’s resolutions.

How to Achieve Your Resolution in 10 Easy Steps According to Kellogg’s Special K If Scales Could Talk Survey, It’s all about ongoing self-improvement.

1. Get Clear – what is it I want? And why do I want that? Why is it important to me? Why important now? Is it adding value to my life today? Get to the heart of the matter.

2. Focus – aim at one positive change that will positively affect other areas of your life – create a ripple effect!

3. Commit To One Decision – decide on what that is. Something that can change your life or move it forward. If there are multiple things – pick just one.

4. Write it down – Journal the experience and reflect on it every day, every week, every month – this has a positive, affirming quality, and keeps you on track.

5. Speak it – add voice to your resolve, talk about it.

6. Be it – be it as though you already are, test out new actions.

7. Engage others – buddy up, make your change / resolution with others; people succeed when working together towards a shared goal

8. Say no to excuses and distractions – see them for what they are – take responsibility for your life and choice – recognize what’s stopping you.

9. Steps – create a step, take a step. Change happens in small increments.

10. Envision – dream-up, vision and manifest the best possible outcome – where you want to be!

Every day, every moment you have an opportunity to reinvent or recreate your life. I made a positive move this morning and encourage you to do the same. This is your year to shine and change the status quo! Be amazing!


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