Choice is a Way to Change

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This week marked the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and this brought to mind an article I wrote a year ago for an ebook Authentic Success, Inspired Action celebrating the stories, inspiration and passion of women. It was this time last year that I participated in a movement to bring together women across the GTA to share their stories and collaborate for business. I can honestly say a year later, I’m still connected to the women I met that day and our paths continue to cross, whether it be for business, continued learning, and or, support.  This post includes the article I wrote, honouring my Mother and Father – two people who have shaped the woman I am today.

Choice is a Way to Change

Every woman has a story, some profound, some unique, and mostly woven by a collective experience of transition and change. Raised by my mother and father who emigrated to Canada with two young boys, they demonstrated to each of us the power of choice, the necessity of change, and the discomfort and growth through transition.

At a very young age I understood the challenges of finding our way and held a deep consciousness and respect for those who were denied fair access or disenfranchised from the everyday ways of life. This is when I began my journey to understand the capacity we each hold for overcoming challenges, defying mediocrity, and defining a purposeful and meaningful life. The great philosophers of days gone by had dared to ask questions and linger in artful contemplation and conversation which exemplified for us, the art and power of engaging in ideas of possibility and meaning.  Little did I know that my chosen profession and career would mirror this; evoking in others a spirit of possibility and meaning. I believe, this (engaging conversation and evoking spirit) to be the thread among our stories as women that has helped us in times of great transition and bewildering change. I suppose it is my strong belief in human potential and our inherent capacity to develop and transform that forms the back drop for my work and life.

As women, we are still evolving to collectively own our rightful and powerful position in life and business. We negotiate all obstacles and somehow emerge stronger and resilient. There is no denying our connection to the planetary cycles and that of life. We share in those times of overwhelm, transition, and great reward, and do so with grace and compassion. As a young woman, I held the myth of the prince in shining amour and the right of passage from single life to that of married and motherhood, only for that to be changed in a moment. Here is when the transformation begins, when our trust is challenged by what we thought to be true and our rightful path. Here, I found myself in a position of choice – I could choose to be a victim or take action – I took action and rallied all my internal and external resources to create my life and business. It was the “right” in Wright Momentum – it was a time to manage all the ups and downs, to be, and do something empowering. I discovered there were less naysayers and more champions in my choice to move forward, to take on uncertainty and risk, and seek out a new and undetermined path.

I don’t believe my story to be unique; but rather, one that mirrors that of my parents and those who dare to stand at the edge of change and say “YES.” Through life we will be given opportunities to make conscious choices and move through change and experience all that comes with it. Like the many women I know, and what my parents exemplified, life is a series of transitions and how we manage it can only make us stronger. When life throws a lemon, I say “throw ten more back!” because when you squeeze the one you have, life will be juicy, isn’t that more fun anyway? Lemon splash

It’s interesting to note, the year my parents emigrated to Canada was the same year the Royal Commission on the Status of Women was established. Several years later I was born and find it remarkable that in just four decades this movement has paved the way for the many choices and opportunities I have today.

For my readers, both men and women, my hope is that you experience the power of choice and amplify it among those who follow your lead.

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