Beauty in space that is timeless

Posted on 19. Aug, 2011 by in Life Coaching

There was a profound feeling of satisfaction and creative organization that took place after mulling over notes and thoughts transcribed on the page. The beauty of reflection was revealed. By entering into this space, time became timeless, and the connectivity of my ideas and passions emerged into something uniquely my own.

Many years back I was introduced to creative writing exercises. A few years later, during my coach training  I was given a black notebook that became the thread of my awareness and learning, but many years before any of this, as a young girl I would capture short images of my day in a diary.  Little did I realize at the time, that I was gathering, sorting, revealing, and transforming my experience. I often wonder, what I will do with all these notebooks and diaries? In my most recent reflection I discovered that they have a purpose and at best offer a gift; sometimes revealed in concrete form and structure, and otherwise, a deeper knowing and feeling of satisfaction.

The writing process has become my trusting alibi, one that takes my visions and experiences into a place that is essentially free. When we live in such challenging times with complex issues to be addressed it is essential for us to find a place of freedom. I believe that personal wisdom and conscious leadership can emerge from a place of freedom, and yes, this can be elusive at times.

I have had many great teachers come in and out of my life, each nudging me to take up this place of freedom and can tangibly feel when it has escaped me. I’m curious to know when it emerges for you? I imagine that great change has come when leaders have experienced this space, certainly some historic leaders come to mind, Nelson Mandela as one example, and we can see the ripple effect of their consciousness.

To experience a profound feeling of inner knowing and organization can be liberating, particularly for thinkers and introverts and generously valuable for all.  There are many processes in which we can become inspired and effective in our lives. Often these processes are about relationship, as expressed in various forms: conversation, art making, mapping, designing, reflection, and meditation. Essentially, to lift us into a conscious life and leadership, we are in relation with something, and someone. It’s up to us to be open and discover a process that brings forth creative organization, deep satisfaction, or simply a new structure and form that can be applied to our complex challenges and needs.

There is a beauty in space that is timeless.  The art of reflection, a process and practice can create positive change. We have the capacity to create conscious change. Notice the moments where you are free, take up a form of reflective practice and see what gifts are revealed.

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